The ProDepressants' debut album 'Uno Does' is out now! Find it on iTunes and Spotify!


Who We Are

The ProDepressants are a four-piece group of 20-somethings from Louisville, Kentucky. The group got it's start when two friends from high-school decided that working a 9-5 wasn't for them, and explored the idea of making fun, energetic, and passionate music together. After many band mates and lost searches, the duo eventually found their missing pieces, now fully known as The ProDepressants.

Our Music

The ProDepressants create music that spans a multitude of genres. Most commonly noted as 'Party Rock', the bands funk/punk vibe combines descriptive lyrics with heavy riffs and an emphasis on bass grooves to create a sound unknown to many.

The ProDepressants draw much of their influence from an array of bands, spanning from Deep Purple to My Chemical Romance, Primus to Jimi Hendrix, Avenged Sevenfold to Earth Wind and Fire, and anywhere in between.

Our Shows

If The ProDepressants' music doesn't draw you in, their stage show surely will. Bodies flail across the stage and into the crowd as the group takes the stage in the most natural condition. The group has been known for having the ability to win over a crowd, and they do just that.

The ProDepressants have shared the stage with many acts, including opening for Decyfer Down, Smile Empty Soul, and U.S. Bombs, among many other shows and tours.